Strategic Plan
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VAS Strategic Plan

Adopted 2017

Goal 1: Enhance the professional image of surveyors in Virginia

Objective A: Engage client and stakeholder groups to increase their appreciation for the value of surveying services

  • Develop a communications program to promote surveying news, information, awareness and relationships with key constituencies (developers, government, attorneys, A/E firms, insurance, land and homeowners, title companies, construction firms, utilities, agriculture, energy, emergency responders, other (non-surveying) geospatial/GIS discipline professionals)
  • Advocate for the surveying profession and its data, services, technologies and applications as the foundation for broader economic and business growth and functions, as well as for government activities and efficiency
  • Create a communications program (news releases, articles in client publications, emails, social media, speakers bureau and other means) to articulate a positive identity for surveyors and promote the value of surveying to target client and stakeholder groups
  • Improve “Find a Surveyor” on the VAS website

Objective B: Implement a program of “branding” of surveying as a profession

  • Improve the self esteem and perceived professional worth of surveyors
  • Support legislative and government affairs initiatives that classify surveying as a “profession” rather than as a “trade”
  • Promote surveying as a modern, state-of-the-art, tech-savvy profession, emphasizing new technologies and applications (LiDAR, asset management, scanning, BIM, UAV, etc.)
  • Provide education to members on presentation skills, writing, “dress for success,” public speaking, business practices, etc.


Goal 2: Strengthen VAS as a voice of the profession in Virginia and improve its value to the members

Objective A: Establish VAS as the voice of the profession in Virginia

  • Expand public relations and communications with outside audiences
  • Strengthen the government relations program
  • Establish liaisons and communications with allied and client organizations
  • Articulate the value of surveying to other businesses, industries and professions, the Commonwealth’s economy, and the quality of life

 Objective B: Strengthen continuing education programs to meet member needs

  • Utilize in-house and contract providers of webinars
  • Evaluate current continuing education programs and position VAS as the premier source of CEUs in Virginia
  • Utilize expertise among faculty of Virginia colleges and universities in programs allied to surveying
  • Improve website to include employment opportunities and tracking CEU credits
  • Assist members in private practice with business management improvement
    -Focus education programs on business management and skills (finance, accounting, marketing, public relations, human resources, public speaking, communications, presentation skills)
    Focus education on new markets, technologies & applications

Objective C: Recruit all geospatial professionals in Virginia

  • Actively seek all qualified surveyors for VAS membership
  • Embrace individuals in the broader surveying and geospatial community who practice in related disciplines, such as surveyor photogrammetrists, and those in activities not requiring a license
  • Become a forum for grass roots surveyors, particularly small business owners
  • Strengthen, expand and promote membership programs, such as insurance, education, etc.
  • Promote membership and networking in VAS as a business development benefit through referrals, prime-subcontractor relationships, and “competimates”
  • Promote surveying and VAS among students in related geospatial programs at Virginia’s colleges and universities, such as ODU, Virginia Tech and GMU
  • Strive for greater diversity in the membership among traditionally under-representated populations

Objective D: Review VAS to assure its value and responsiveness to members

  • Evaluate structure, governance, membership categories, chapters, staff, programs, volunteer opportunities, bylaws, and conferences
  • Periodically poll members through on-line questionnaires
  • Actively recruit and train/mentor “new blood” into positions of leadership
  • Review and improve web presence
    -Educate members on use of the website
    -Improve e-marketing, e-newsletters
  • Improve existing communications vehicles and establish new media and means of communication among members
  • Provide social media training for members
  • Implement new logo

Objective E: Increase awareness of the surveying profession and VAS through the use of traditional and social media

  • Increase the frequency of news releases
  • Strengthen relationships with client group publications
  • Implement use of video, webinars, tele-town halls, and other media

Goal 3: Attract more young people to surveying and VAS

Objective A: Develop the next generation workforce

  • Work with NSPS on implementation of a workforce development program
  • Work with ETSU to review and improve its 4-year degree program or explore the creation of a 4-year degree program in surveying in a Virginia college or university
  • Promote surveying as a modern profession to students at K-12 and community college levels, as well as students in allied geospatial majors in 4-year degree programs in Virginia colleges and universities
  • Inform and educate guidance and career counselors in high schools and community colleges
  • Improve, grow and better promote scholarship programs
  • Implement the CST program and provide education and training for technicians and pre-professionals
  • Welcome and recognize newly licensed surveyors

Objective B: Promote surveying to younger Virginians

  • Communicate a new image of surveying as:
    -attractive and fun
    -personally rewarding and fulfilling
    -financially lucrative
     uses technology, history, law, and mathematics for problem solving
    -altruistic (contributing societal benefits such as environmental protection, economic growth, preservation of property rights, collection of data for good decision-making, protecting public health, welfare and safety, foundation for engineering, infrastructure and construction)
    -Bury the “Dead Presidents,” de-emphasize history and tradition in favor of the above

Objective C: Promote VAS to younger Virginia surveyors

  • Establish a mentor-protégé program
  • Actively encourage membership and active participation by younger members
    -Explore expanding Associate membership
  • Establish a Young Surveyors Network chapter in VAS
  • Develop a leadership development program to train future leaders of VAS

Goal 4: Expand and strengthen government affairs efforts

Objective A: Promote legislation and government programs that maximize the utilization of surveying and geospatial data, services, and technology to solve Commonwealth, and local problems; protect public health, welfare and safety; and enhance the well-being of surveyors

  • Improve VAS presence in the General Assembly
  • Identify legislation that is needed and that which will stimulate member engagement and participation
    -seek post-secondary education requirement for licensure as a surveyor in Virginia
  • Educate members on engaging with legislators
    -“Day on the Hill” in Richmond
    -Increase invitation to legislators to speak at VAS events
    -Training on meetings, letter-writing, other grass roots lobbying and communications

Objective B: Build a government affairs program that is effective and provides value and benefit to the membership

  • Communicate the value of government affairs to the members
  • Strengthen the PAC and educate members on the importance of getting more politically involved